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What to Do with Clambake Leftovers

October 19, 2019


Hi, it’s Terrie Young in Euclid Fish Retail Market Kitchen. We were just doing some clams outside. I get inspired by some other ideas I want to do for the next day. Because there’s always some leftovers. So obviously the clams we cooked yesterday are still good. You can take them out of the shell and what we’re going to make is a little clams and mussels sauce. And then serve it over some pasta or just eat it as is. So I’m warming up a nice big pan, adding a little bit of butter just to start it off. I’m using the Little Italy sauce, but we also have in the store the Pomodoro and a little spicier one the Arrabbiata. Once you get a little butter we’re going to add that sauce to the pan. Warm up the sauce and when that gets going we’re going to add the mussles. I don’t know if you’re going to have lobster left over, but we did, and we’re going to serve it on top of this nice pizza, topped with some little sauce, and some provolone mozzarella cheese, a little arugula, chopped up the lobster, served it with a little spicy hot peppers and a spicy tiger sauce which is like a horseradish sauce. It’s very good. We also have the smoked salmon version, and that has the capers and red onions on it. Eat it for breakfast, and you’re on your way! We have our sauce simmering, and we’re just going to add the mussles. And these are going to cook great in the sauce. You can also do this with clams. You could add a little bit of cod in there to make a complete meal.

We’re going to be making our Manhattan and New England clam chowder. Don’t forget to pick some up in the store. The recipe is from 1944 from Chef Comella himself, so I’m not messing with that! We can’t wait to see you in the market. Let’s give this a minute and we’ll show you a completed product. Look at this beauty! Woohoo! We’re just going to pour it in this beautiful serving dish. A little toasted bread, oh, delicious! And then we’re just going to finish it off with little bit of fresh parsley just to brighten it up. Mmmm...heaven on earth. Enjoy!