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We've Got Oysters!

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November 29, 2019


Hi, it’s Terrie Young. I’m in the kitchen with Kristen and Richard. We just want to make sure you understand we have east coast and west coast oysters available for you. Just ask, we’ll go look. We’ll look on our SharePoint and we’ll find the kind you want. We have beautiful Murder Points from Alabama, the Glidden Points. We have the beautiful BeauSoliels, the Shiny Seas. So many different varieties! Call your local rep or come in the store. We’ll be happy to help you.

Thanksgiving is usually a time for oysters because you can make a nice oyster stuffing with them. I always do and my family enjoys it. I’d be happy to share that recipe if you go on our website or our Facebook page or Instagram. Thanks for coming in. I’ll be happy to help you next time you’re in the store.