Today's Market Store Hours:   11:00am - 5:30pm | Walk IN Market Open, Mask as you wish
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Valentine's Day Oyster Event!

February 13, 2018

When stopping in for your Valentine's Day Meal, make sure to stop at our Oyster Bar that will be set up in the middle of the market!  All day Wednesday, February 14th, we will be shucking oysters to order and packing them to go on ice for you and your Valentine! (Or you can shoot some back here... Your choice!



Oyster Line Up:

Shooting Point Oysters from Little Machipongo Inlet- Virginia
The Atlantic tide rushing across white sand and brushed by the peat of the pristine marshes of the Atlantic Coast Reserve result in the purest form of this salt oyster. Shells with honey hues, slightly sweet plump meats, and an incredible pure brine finish can only be equated to kissing the sea herself.
$1.00 each

Kusshi Oysters from Vancouver Island- British Columbia, Canada
Kusshi's are perfect for experienced oyster aficionados. The shells are small, smooth and gemlike - very polished! They have decent salt content with a meaty chew and a bright and intense cucumber finish.
$2.00 each

Murder Point Oysters from the Gulf of Mexico- Alabama
Murder Points thrive in the unique conditions off Alabama's coastline, which produces a full, rich, creamy taste with a light metallic finish and a drop of butter in each oyster!
$2.00 each

All oysters are served with your choice of hot sauce, horseradish sauce, lemons or cocktail sauce! Mix and Match combinations are welcome!