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Tis' the Season for Stone Crab Claws!

November 13, 2018

Mid October through May is the season for delicious Stone Crab Claws.  These succulent claws are caught wild from northwest Florida to the Gulf of Mexico and are packed with protein and are low in cholesterol.  Stone crabs are unique because when they are caught, fishermen only take the male crab’s claws.  The body is then placed back in its natural habitat where the claws fully regenerate within 18 months.  Also when the claws are caught, they are immediately cooked and shipped fresh to places like Euclid Fish Company or frozen to other locations.

In the Euclid Fish Market, the crab claws are sold by the pound in large and jumbo sizes and are fresh, never frozen.  Since the claws are fully cooked, it is best to simply enjoy the sweet meat by dipping in them in melted butter seasoned with Old Bay, our signature Bistro Sauce, or spicy grain mustard and mayo sauce. This item is perfect for a special dinner with friends or make your own seafood sampler with freshly cooked shrimp, oysters, and snow crab clusters.