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Surf n' Turf Dinner Pairing | New Year's Eve Party

December 25, 2019



Happy New Year! Oh my gosh, I’m so excited. I love New Year’s Eve. We’re tired but we still want to have some fun and I still want to entertain. So I’m going to bring home some bacon-wrapped scallops, some salmon meatballs, portobellos, a can of crab. Just have to put that on top of some cream cheese with a little cocktail sauce with some crackers. Hello, it’s time to eat! And then I want to show you what we’re featuring as our take home dinner for you to cook at home. Two lobster tails, two sirloins, and two pieces of cheesecake. It’s our Surf n’ Turf dinner pairing. I’ll give you all the directions - it’s not hard to do. And just give us a call or order online, come pick it up, take it home, it’ll take no time in the oven to cook up. I just love you all for coming and visiting us this year and celebrating our 75th anniversary. The party continues! Happy New Year! See you in the Market.

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