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Specialty Clambakes at Euclid Fish!

September 27, 2019



Hi, it’s Terrie Young back at Euclid Fish. I’m in front of the store today. We’re making a clam bake for you. I want to show you some extra things that you can get with your complete bake. If you want to make a specialty bake, we have the King crab, half pound and one pound. Along with some beautiful 5 oz. cold water tails. We also have the Carribbean warm water tails. So those are all the specialty bakes. We could also add some steaks, a sirloin or strip steak or a live lobster bake, which is beautiful. Always grab a couple extra two-pound bags of mussles to start your bake. And you have a great appetizer, a loaf of bread, a little beverage, and you’re ready for the afternoon watching the football game. So thanks for visiting, see you at the market.

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