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Our Favorite Tradition

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October 12, 2015

John V here! Hello, and welcome back! Well, I should be saying welcome back to myself. I recently went on a trip up to Ketchikan, Alaska and upon arrival, here at Euclid Fish we got washed right into CLAMBAKE Season. Clambake Season is a deep tradition that runs through our company here at Euclid Fish. My Great-Grandfather came up with the idea when he visited bivalve purveyors in Virginia in the 40's when everything was transported on railroad. Why is this important? It is important because the clams would leave Virginia iced down in barrels on breezeway carts, making Cleveland the next stop for the icing of the clams. So, who was there to buy the clams as they were getting iced down for the next leg of the trip? Chef John Comella, the founder of Euclid Fish and founder of the original clambake. This created the craze we know, and most certainly have grown to love in Northeast Ohio… Clambake Season!


This tradition has grown and continued to be at the forefront of everyone’s minds in Northeast Ohio, especially when the leaves begin to change and the weather starts to cool. There is no better way to warm up than with friends and family around a clam steamer that has literally cooked millions of clams. Deep tradition seems to be the theme here at Euclid Fish. When I say these steamers have seen millions of clams, I am not joking. Each pot has a serial number and the last number on the pot is the year it began circulation for us. The oldest pot that I have seen is from the 40's. Just think about it…. if that pot is from the 40’s, then that could be the first pot Chef Comella used. These pots are heirlooms and we love that to rent them out to our great customers so YOU can build the tradition too.


The Clambake is best enjoyed during the fall months. Gather your friends and host one yourself or everyone chips in with doing a part. Watching for steam, stirring the chowder, taking the chicken out, shucking the corn, melting the butter and finally taking the East Coast Hardshell Clams out of the pot and into your bowls sounds like the best Saturday or Sunday event that I can think of.


Happy Clambake Season!


John V