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NEW- True Striped Bass

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June 7, 2017

We are extremely excited to supply you with true, open ocean raised striped bass, not to be confused with the hybrid species. The cold, clear, crystalline waters of the Pacific ocean provides the ideal setting for operation. The grow out site is located near Todos Santos Island, eight miles off the coast of Ensenada, in Northern Baja California, Mexico.  The location was carefully chosen for its ideal oceanic conditions, with significant protection from the elements due to its setting on the leeward side of the Island. Local underwater currents in this area, combined with proximity to a submarine canyon, provide natural and sustainable cleansing of the site. The distance from the Mexican coastline ensures protection from land sourced contaminants and allows for isolation and site containment. 
  • Broodstock- Broodstock is carefully selected by only using big, strong and healthy fish from each year's class to build a strong genetic portfolio. The best performers are selected based on natural growth performance. 
  • Hatchery- In the hatchery, Pacific is able to spawn their 5-10 year old brookstock throughout the year, ensuring a consistent supply of fingerlings and providing full traceability for all fish. 
  • Juvenile Rearing- Fingerlings enjoy 60-90 days in a highly protective and monitored environment inside the hatchery until each fish is ready to be moved into the open ocean grow out at Todos Santos Island. 
  • Open Ocean Grow Out- The fish are stocked with plenty of room to swim and grow in floating cages in the open ocean. They swim in the clear, clean waters of the Pacific until they reach market size which typically takes 18-24 months. 
  • Harvest- Once they have reached market size, the fish are carefully removed from the sea cages and are humanly harvested and immediately place on ice to minimize stress and maximize taste and freshness. 
  • Processing- Pacific has partnered with an FDA, EU and HACCP Certified processing plant in Ensenada. The fish that are pulled out of the water are immediately transported by boat to the plant where they are cleaned and packed for shipment throughout Mexico and the US. 
This premium white fish is prized for its sweet, mild flavor and firm texture. It is often served raw as sashimi, sushi, or crudo and when cooked, pairs well with marinades and sauces.
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