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NEW Chef Comella's Seafood Boils

August 17, 2016
     Make way for steaming hot piles of clams, mussels, crawfish, crab, kielbasa, corn and potatoes spread out over a (news) paper covered table, seeping with warm melted butter and seasoned with Chef Comella’s spices. Manners go out the window, silverware is forbidden and an ice cold beer or cocktail is a must… Although similar to our original clambake, we are talking about our new Chef Comella’s Cleveland Seafood Boils. Euclid Fish and our culinary team has developed a new twist on an old coastal favorite to add on to our fall clambake menu and your family’s table.
     Since 1944, Euclid Fish has always focused on family, quality and innovation; continuously working to build on the tradition through a family bond and of course, food. For that reason alone, we found that there is no better time than now to introduce a new concept to our favorite clambake menu; one that we love (almost) just as much as our original clambake!  We are excited to bring you three coastal favorites through our Chef Comella’s Cleveland Seafood Boils, providing you with three distinct flavor profiles packed with regional staples.


Seafood Boil Options:

     All of our seafood boils are packed in a food safe bag that is ready for your steamers or clam pots and filled with enough to feed one hungry (…very hungry) individual. Each boil also comes with a side of cole slaw, a roll, butter and all paper ware just like our Original Clambake! (Like we mentioned earlier, utensils are optional as our favorite way of eating a boil is spread out over a table.)


From the Southern Coast, we bring you our


This boil is filled with a half dozen wild middleneck clams, a quarter pound of crawfish, a quarter pound of easy peel shrimp, spicy three-pepper sausage, corn on the cob (half), redskin potatoes and a seasoning packet to add during your boil.


From the north-eastern coast, we bring you our


This boil is filled with a half dozen wild middleneck clams, a half-pound of Prince Edward Island mussels, a quarter pound of easy peel shrimp, kielbasa, corn on the cob (half), redskin potatoes and a seasoning packet to add during your boil.


Finally, from the mid-eastern coast, we bring you our


This boil is filled with a half dozen wild middleneck clams, two Genuine Blue Point oysters, two Jonah crab claws, a quarter pound of easy peel shrimp, black pepper sausage, corn on the cob (half), redskin potatoes and a seasoning packet to add during your boil.


Additional Notes:

- Mix and match your boils and clambakes to completely customize your 2016 event.
- We can provide a steamer/ pot with the purchase of four or more clambakes/ boils, and always have burners available as well. (We require a deposit on all equipment, returned to you upon return of our equipment.)
- For a quick and easy pickup, we will have our boils packed in the bags ready to go, without the sides (cole slaw, roll, butter and paperware.)


Become a Boil Master- It's Easy!

Not sure on how to cook a seafood boil? We promise, you don’t have to be a boil master to perfect your meal. Just follow these few easy steps below:
Equipment: We will help you pick the proper size pot for your boil- we will just need a final count!
1-Fill your clam pot 3/4 full of water. (You must add enough water so that all bags will be completely submerged in water when added.)
2-Set your stove top or burners to high heat and bring the water to a rolling boil.
3-Once at a rolling boil, add your seasoning packet(s).
4-Oncethe seasoning has been added, add your seafood boils to the water and allow for it to cook for 30 minutes at a constant steady rolling boil.
5-Carefully remove the seafood boil with tongs and serve hot either plated or poured out over a paper-covered table. (Please discard all shellfish that have not opened.)
For additional flavor once cooked- You can add additional Old Bay Seasoning or Cajun Spices, melted butter, hot sauce or fresh squeezed lemon.
If you have any more questions, please feel free to call or email us!
 (If you are cooking your boils with clambakes- At the point of pulling your chicken out of the clam pots or steamers, you can then add your corn and boils on top. Add the seasoning over the seafood boils, close the lid and cooked for an additional 30 minutes.)

For online ordering, please view our boils and clambakes here.

For additional questions, please call our customer service department at (440) 951-6448.


Happy Eating,

The Euclid Fish Company