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New at Euclid Fish: Ready Brother's Lobster

November 29, 2019


Hi, it’s Terrie Young in the Euclid Fish Retail Market Kitchen. Today I want to show you some beautiful lobster meat from Ready Brother’s Company. It’s a wonderful product. We’re going to have it in the store selling it by the pound and in two pound packages for our wholesale customers. Don’t forget that we are fresh cooking our shrimp in house. It’s steamed here, it’s ready to go, always fresh. Please come pick it up. It’s a 16/20 shrimp from SeaMazz Company.

We also have our stone crab which are in season right now. And you just have to come try some. King Crab is always plentiful, and we’re going to have some just for you. These are some great jumbo King Crab legs. Maybe you want to pair it with some Ohio City Pasta, we have lobster, butternut squash, and spinach.

We also are going to have our open house December 6th and 7th, Friday 11-2 and Saturday 9-12. Stop in and see us and stock up on some wonderful savings. See you then!