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New at Euclid Fish: My Fish Dish

March 5, 2020



Hi it’s Terrie Young in the Euclid Fish Market Retail Kitchen. Welcome back this week. I want to show you a couple things we have new in the store. It’s from My Fish Dish and it has all these nice frozen options for you: there’s a blackened cod, a sockeye, a scallop, which is blackened and smoked butter on it and a blackened smoked butter sockeye salmon, all wild. And along with the sockeye salmon I cooked here with a lemon and herb, I just paired it with a little bit of asparagus and a little carrot slaw. Which is easy to do - just pop it in the oven. The recipe’s on the back. It doesn’t take more than fifteen minutes in your oven at home. You could also pick up some mussels for a starter dish, and that’s very easy too and very reasonable. I also have some lettuce cups that are filled with a little shrimp salad. Easy for you to take to lunch the next day. So come in and check us out in the retail market kitchen at Euclid Fish. Thank you!