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It's Clambake Season and We Have Brand New Sweetie Clams!

August 29, 2019

Terrie: Hi, it’s Terrie Young at Euclid Fish Company. We’re outside and we’re going to be talking clambakes and boils and everything ready for fall. This is my son Charles and he’s going to talk about our Shoreside Clambake that we’re offering again this year, celebrating our 75th anniversary. Charles, what do we have here?

Charles: Well we just launched it last year- it was really successful for a lot of folks. What we are doing is we are packing up 18 little neck clams, wild caught east coast hard shells available. What we’re doing that makes it a little bit special is that we are still pairing it up with all your traditional favorites. So you’re still going to get your corn, still going to get sweet potato, coleslaw, rolls and butter as well. Each bag is going to have six extra clams so you’re going to have 18 total clams in there, four packs per time. You give us about two or three days heads up and we’ll have it ready for pickup. If you let us know by 1:00 for the next day, we can accommodate that too.

Terrie: We always have everything come with your paper products, rolls, bread, and butter, and your butter cups, and don’t forget about your broth cups. The broth is so sweet with the chicken and the corn and the potatoes and the clams all mixed together. It’s a beautiful start to a chowder. So these are some other things we are going to be featuring as well in our clambakes. We have our clams obviously, our muscles, and Charles, tell us about these clams up front.

Charles: So these front clams are going to be new for us this year. These are out of Maine. They’re deep water dredged, nice middle neck size on it. We’re going to be selling these at our retail operation. Twelve clams, so you’re going to get a dozen in there. You can steam the whole bag just as is, drop it right into your pot. Give it about 15-20 minutes to boil and you’ll be set to go. Very sweet flavor, I had some the other day when we tried it out. The farm is very sustainable; it’s all green-rated as well and wild caught.

Terrie: Thank you for coming in, and now we’re going to show you how to do your own bake at home!

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