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How To Sear Scallops | Perfectly Seared Scallops

August 1, 2019

Hi, it’s Terrie Young in the Euclid Fish Retail Market Kitchen. It’s summertime and I’m so excited and I wanted to show you some mixed skewers that we are offering and some stuffed trout. Maybe you’re having a pool party. Bring these along, pop them on the grill, and you’re ready to go! I wanted to show you today how to sear some scallops. Scallops are on special: always beautiful, always dry. We’re going to dip the scallop in a little bit of blackening seasoning, real easy, and while we are doing that, we’re going to add just a little butter to our pan. You can put these on the grill but to get that nice sear that you see here, you really need to do it in a pan. Once that pan’s nice and hot, hear the sizzle? We’re ready to go. This is a nice blackening seasoning that we sell in the store. Once they get going it’s about three minutes on each side, and they’re beautiful! I served them along with some scampi on the tray right here. I hope to see you in the market. Have a nice day!