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How to Cook the Perfect Clambake

September 18, 2017

How to Cook the Perfect Clambake

If you have never experienced a clambake before, you are truly missing out. A clambake is a method of cooking seafood that is more popular in some areas of the country than others but should be enjoyed by all. A Cleveland clambake includes cooking seafood over an open flame with the use of steam. The bake also includes other foods such as chicken, potatoes, and other vegetables. All of the different foods are included in the pot and cooked to perfection. If you want to find out more about clambakes and how to cook the perfect clambake for your family and friends, read further and find out how Euclid Fish Company can make your next get together one to remember with their clambake necessities.

Set Up

First off, you need to set up for your clambake and get the correct equipment. If you don’t have your own equipment, Euclid Fish Company can lend you some of our equipment. Choose a spot in your yard that is not too close to anything combustible or flammable, as well as a spot that is close enough to guests to interact but not too close as to avoid danger.

After you pick a spot, you will need to build a stand out of blocks or bricks in order to hold the pot about a foot off the ground. Next, start your fire. We think it’s best to use natural lump charcoal over other methods because it burns faster and hotter, but you can also use an open fire or propane. When using the natural lump charcoal, be sure to get a nice red glow while the charcoals are white before placing the pot on the fire. After the fire is started, you can begin cooking!


When you receive your kit from Euclid Fish Company, you will receive the pot with seasoned to perfection chicken, yams, clams, and corn. Before cooking, take the food off of the ice and drain any extra water. Then you need to add one pound of water for every bake in the pot and light your pot steamer at high heat. Be careful when adding the water so as not to pour it directly onto the chicken to avoid washing all the seasoning off. You should begin to see steam in about 45 or 50 minutes. Once you see the steam you can expect another 50 minutes or so of cook time. Be sure to never lift the lid during the cooking process, as this will let out the steam and increase your cooking time.

After the 50 minutes of time after the steaming has started, take the chicken out of the pot and finish cooking or browning it on the grill. After the chicken is out you can add your husked corn directly opposite the yams. If the sweet potatoes are cooked you can remove them, if not let them cook for a few more minutes before removing. Cook the corn for about 30 minutes on a lower heat. Once everything is finished cooking you can remove the pot from the heat and it’s ready to serve! Add some additional sides such as Cole slaw, rolls, etc. You can expect a total cooking time of 1.5-2.5 hours depending on different factors such as the temperature of your fire, weather, and the size of the bake.

Euclid Fish Company has been specializing in Cleveland clambakes for more than 50 years. Our clambakes are a special recipe from Chef Comella and include one dozen Wild Middleneck Clams, Ohio Sweet Corn, fresh local chicken halves and Louisiana Sweet Potatoes, Cole slaw, and rolls. Everyone who tastes our clambakes are instantly hooked!  Contact us today to experience our one of a kind clambakes for yourself!