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How to Cook a Lobster

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October 14, 2019



Hi! We’re going to relive our summer vacation on the coast with a little lobster boil and oysters on the grill. I love them and so does my husband. Having the family over? I love to entertain, as you know, so we’re going to have some live lobster boil. This is our beautiful one and a quarter pound live lobster you can order anytime during the week. Hopefully by Thursday so you can have it by Saturday. We have boiling water in this nice pot. Add your salt. Before we drop it in, we’re going to clip off these rubber bands, one, two, headfirst into the water. Put the lid on it, set your timer for 15 minutes. In 15 minutes this lobster is ready to eat. Got your drawn clarified butter, your lemons, have a little side of watermelon, and I’m back on vacation! Hope to see you in the market!

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