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How to Cook a Clambake | Loading the Steamer

September 5, 2019



Terrie: Hi, welcome to Euclid Fish. I’m Terrie Young. This is my son Charles Young, and we’re here to show you how to pack your own clambake - if you don’t want us to do it, which is the easiest. Just order online, pay online, and pick it up at the time you request. The season starts Labor Day weekend, but we also have clambake for Thanksgiving. Euclid Fish brings in the most clams from Northeastern Ohio and we’re very proud to celebrate our 75th anniversary with the original Chef Comella clambake. Charles is going to show you how to load the clambake in your steamer that can be rented along with when you purchase your clam.

Charles: It's very simple: what we recommend is that you take your cleaned washed middle necks - you want to put those on the bottom. Spread them around the pot. We’ll provide you with your seasoned chicken if you decide to go with the Chef Comella original bait. Put those right on top of your clams on one side of the pot. On the second side of the pot you want to put in your sweet potatoes. Depending on what steamer you rent from us, we're gonna give you a certain water level. It's just to prevent-- everything has a nice even cooking time so there's no damage to the equipment.

Terrie: We can also rent the burner that you’ll have your pot on. We also have lump charcoal that you can cook your clambake on. A side-burner in your house is also great too. 

Charles: Yeah, cooktop. If you have a turkey fryer at home as well, we recommend you use that. We will also pack this on ice to take it home. You could always request extra ice and we'd be happy to provide that for you, just to make sure you have safe transportation home to your house. What we put in the pot there were middle necks; that's the most common size. If you like them a little bit smaller to be a little more tender, you want to go for little necks. Those are going to be about the size of a silver dollar. The middle necks are the most popular, the standard, or if you like a little bit larger we're going to have top necks this year and then we'll also have a small supply of cherry stones which are quite large.

Terrie: We're gonna be offering our Chef Comella’s Manhattan clam chowder. We also are making New England clam chowder in the store, fresh and homemade! Charles' great-grandfather started this company in 1944 and we're very proud of that heritage that we're growing here in Mentor. Our one and only location is 7839 Enterprise Drive. Find us on, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and at our retail store. So thank you for joining us! If you have any questions, go to our website at, and all these instructions are there for you and printable. Thank you very much!

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