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Fresh from the Kitchen- May Features

April 21, 2017
Last month we focused on a couple of new fried sandwiches, however this month we have decided to completely mix it up in the kitchen and bring you a couple of lighter options! This month we are featuring a variety of fresh cooked flavorful shrimp, seafood salads and seasonal cooking ingredients.

Fresh Cooked Shrimp

First on the list- our two new varieties in fresh cooked shrimp! We will have Garlic Lemon Shrimp that is perfect for a heat and serve lunch or dinner option! (It also makes for an excellent appetizer and mixes well with pasta!) Our Yucatan Shrimp will definitely get you excited for the summer! Our fresh easy peel shrimp is marinated in a fresh lime dressing and tossed in our own special blend of spices to bring a little (really, just a little) bit of heat! Both shrimp options are available for $16.99 lb. throughout the month of May.



Seasonal Seafood Salads

We love when the weather starts to warm and seasonal summer flavors start to make their way into the retail cases! Two of our favorite summer salads made their way onto our list of May Specials!  Our Shrimp Salad consists of fresh cooked shrimp, chopped celery, chopped red onion, dill and bistro sauce for 11.99 lb. Our Calamari Salad has chopped red bell peppers, sliced red onions, black olives and fresh herbs all marinated in an Italian dressing for $9.49 lb.



Gourmet Specialties

To go along with our fresh seafood, we are now stocking a variety in marinades, spices, seasonings and sauces to bring additional flavors to your meal! This month we are feature three new items to the retail market that packed with flavor and unique cooking agents.
Dalmatia Fig Spread- If you haven’t tried it, trust us when we say that you are missing out! A lot of people like to use fig spread on a cheese board and with crackers, however we best like to use on our fresh seafood! Check out a Salmon and Scallop recipe here! (Side note- our Bay Scallops are on sale this month at $11.99 lb. – that’s a $2.00/ lb. savings!) The Dalmatia Fig Spread as available for $5.99 each. We also have a fig and orange spread, as well as a plum spread.


Bee Local Honey Sauce- Choose from either a Hot Honey Sauce or Smoked Honey Sauce!
Hot Honey- An irreplaceable condiment and powerful weapon in your culinary arsenal.  The honey is made from single origin, sustainably produced Bee Local Honey. From there, they infuse the honey with Scorpion Chili Peppers (one of the world’s hottest, yet most flavorful) and then balance it out with a touch of vinegar.  Hot Bee Local Honey brings a sweet, spicy and addictive kick to your favorite foods: Seafood/Chicken, Ribs, Pizza, BBQ, Vegetables, Cheese, Fruit, Cocktails and Ice Cream.
Smoked Honey- It’s good on just about anything! Sustainably produced Bee Local Honey is cold smoked and infused with Lapsang Souchong (smoked tea), and finished with a touch of apple cider vinegar for balance. Bee Local Smoked Honey brings a sweet, smoky and savory boost to your favorite foods; all manner of BBQ, seafood, tacos, cheese, roasted vegetables, fried chicken and more!
Both honey sauces are available in an 8 oz. bottle for $9.99.
Mixed Grill Vegetables- Freshly harvested zucchini, eggplant, red and yellow peppers are grilled to perfection in this remarkable vegetable combination. The open-flame grilling retains the color and crunch of each vegetable while imparting a savory and smoky flavor. Vinegar-free, these peppers are preserved in a scant amount of sunflower oil and mild herbs, which allows full flavor and color retention and no loss of weight due to draining. Combine Mix Grill with capers and olives and pair with grilled swordfish or tuna, or toss with Pomodorina for a grilled vegetable sauce. Each 1.8 lb. can is $14.99.
We hope that you enjoy our line up for the month of May! Should you have any questions or are looking for additional recipe ideas, we would be more than happy to help you in the retail store, or you can give us a call at 440-951-6448.