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Fat Tuesday, Valentine's Day and Lenten Specials

February 2, 2018

Fat Tuesday/ Mardi Gras

                Fat Tuesday falls on February 13th this year and we have already started working on some of our favorite Mardi Gras dishes! This year’s lineup includes:

Homemade MardiGras Jambalaya
$10.99 lb. 
Homemade Louisiana Shrimp Gumbo
$13.99 qt. 
Homemade Oyster Po'Boy
$8.99 each
Low Country Boil


Valentine’s Day

                Valentine’s Day and Ash Wednesday on the same day? This hasn’t happened in quite some time (well… since 1945 to be exact) and for seafood lovers like us, this is AWESOME! Our day will be filled with Lenten Favorites, and finished off with our Valentine’s Day Specials at night with our loved ones. One of our favorite Valentine’s Day Specials; the Surf N Turf Dinner Pairing for two. The Surf n Turf has two 4-5 oz. lobster tails, two 6 oz. sirloin steaks and two pieces of cheesecake for $39.99 this month only! Cooking instructions are included to perfect your dinner, plus we are always here to help with any additional questions that you may have. Some of our other Valentine’s Day Specials include:


Skuna Bay Salmon
$13.99 lb.
8 oz. Bahama Lobster Tails
$29.99 lb.
16/20 ct. Pink Argentine Shrimp
$9.99 lb.
Surf N Turf Dinner Pairing
$39.99- Serves two

And for all the lobster lovers… check out this line up!


Homemade Lobster Mac N Cheese
$10.99 lb.
Homemade Lobster Pot Pie
$19.99- Serves 2
Homemade Lobster Egg Rolls
$3.99 each
Homemade Lobster Risotto Balls
$10.99 lb. 

Fish Fry Fridays

The Lenten Season is almost here and we couldn't be more excited!! Between our endless options of fresh seafood, heat n serve options and hot n ready favorites, we have you covered!

     There are endless options available in our seafood market to satisfy even the pickiest of eaters. Pick from a variety of fresh Lenten staples such as Cod, Haddock, Pollock and Sole available in the case that are excellent for your own fish fry or to bake at home. Or… give something new a try! Diversify your dinners with some of our seasonal favorites such as Wild Atlantic Striped Bass or Wild Ocean Perch Fillets. We also have an excellent line up of salmon in house, including our best choice Atlantic Sapphire Salmon, Skuna Bay, Clare Island Organic and Atlantic Salmon all available throughout the month of February and March. Plus, we can provide you with cooking instructions or helpful tips to perfect your featured Lenten dish.

     But, let’s be honest, this time of year, who doesn’t love the guilty pleasure of fish fry’s?! Trust us when we say that we have you covered on endless options.  Choose from a wide selection of beer battered, breaded and crusted fish and shrimp that are made fresh daily for a heat n serve option at home, as well as our Market Chef’s featured Lenten dish of the day. We have several hot n ready fish favorites available for your lunches, including our most popular Fat Fisherman Cod Sandwich, Blackened Catfish Sandwich, Crispy Shrimp Tacos and Tom’s Famous Fish Sandwich. We also have an excellent line up of Daily Dinner Selections including a variety of fried fish (choose from perch, sole, cod, shrimp and more) and a side of fries and cole slaw! One of our favorite; The Keg O’ Tavern Battered Cod Dinner which is a family sized portion of north Atlantic cod fillets, fries and cole slaw for $18.00.  For those looking to cook at home, we have a great selection of take and bake seafood that are freshly prepared in our kitchen and packed for you to bake at home! Try our seafood boils, crab stuffed tilapia, salmon and lobster, as well as our daily chefs choice.

                We look forward to this Lenten Season and providing you with the freshest fish available!