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Euclid's Finest Gourmet Specialties

September 10, 2019


Hi, it’s Terrie Young in the Euclid Fish Company Retail Market Kitchen. I’m going to give a shoutout to our wholesale customers today. We are spanning the globe. Ask about these fine products: flavored salts, flavored olive oils. This honey is to die for - you have to try it! This is our In Harvest brand of rices that we carry. I put a black rice and a bamboo rice just because they’re so fun and special. All of our charcuterie items are at your beck and call. Cut the cheese to your 3 pound to 5 pound liking. All of our salamis are made in small batches. Just started carrying a garlic chevre that’s delicious. How about something for the bar? We have some delicious hibiscus syrup that’s wonderful. So please call Euclid Fish 440-951-6448 and ask for your sales rep, or any of our customer service ladies and gentlemen can help you. Thanks for coming into the market.

Euclid’s Finest is the specialty and gourmet food division of Euclid Fish Company. Under the Euclid's Finest label, it is our goal to deliver an innovative selection of epicurean products and ingredients to culinary professionals and their patrons. Products under our Euclid's Finest line include artisanal cheeses and accompaniments, charcuterie meats, grains and roasted vegetables, pastry ingredients, imported oil and vinegar, as well as a variety in seasonal specialties. Some of the premium brands we carry include:

Acetaia San Giacomo

Champlain Valley Creamery


Jacobsen Salt Co.

Mieli Thun

Omed Oil

Reverie Creamery

Roland Foods

Wild Hibiscus Co.

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