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Euclid Fish Market Kitchen with Terrie | Gulf Wild Red Snapper

July 10, 2019

Hi, it’s Terrie Young in the Euclid Fish Retail Market Kitchen. I’m having game night at the house. My friend Joanie and her husband Tim are coming over. We’re going to enjoy a little game of Scrabble. First we’re going to enjoy a beautiful whole roasted branzino. We sell the branzino in the store. They’re scaled and gutted. We also have some beautiful red snapper that’s gulf wild, sustainable, and we can trace this fish back to which boat, which water, and who caught it. We also have some gluten-free pasta that we’re going to be serving with a little bruschetta. All these items are in the store in the market. We’re at one location 7839 Enterprise Drive in Mentor. So come check us out. We’re in the market. Go Scrabble game!