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Euclid Fish Market Kitchen with Terrie | Copper River Salmon

July 10, 2019

Hi, it’s Terrie Young in the Euclid Fish Retail Market Kitchen. Man, I can’t wait to get going over here. We have some beautiful Copper River sockeye salmon in the store. You can proportion it any size you want or take the whole side home. It’s delicious! Right here I’ve just grilled this simply and not too long. Make sure you pair it with something light for the summer as well. We have this beautiful Aztec Blend InHarvest rice that we sell retail and wholesale. We’re also featuring some beautiful gulf shrimp. It’s easy to peel - all you need is one of these little handy dandy shrimpers. And the taste is amazing. I’ve made these nice and hot and spicy diablo style. If you don’t want to cook and you want me to do it for you, come and pick up a catfish sandwich this month, on special featuring just for you. Blackened with pickles and honey, it’s delicious, you’ve got to try it. Stop in to the market!