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Celebrate National Seafood Month

October 4, 2018

Here at Euclid Fish, we love October for two reasons! One: It’s clambake season-The weather has officially cooled off, the leaves are starting to change and clams are full steam ahead. Two: It’s National Seafood Month! Although we like to celebrate seafood every day of every month, October gives us a chance to appreciate the business, the food, and the industry more than we already do! National Seafood Month is a month dedicated to spreading awareness about the health benefits associated with eating seafood, as well as accessibility and sustainability!


There is no better time than now to start making better choices when it comes to your health- and those better choices can start with a diet rich in seafood! Eating fish, especially omega-3 fatty acids found in seafood provides countless health benefits to the consumer. Over the years, researchers have found that eating a diet rich in Omega-3 fatty acids benefits the consumer in several ways. Two different Omega-3 fatty acids are found in fish, EPA and DHA which cannot be produced by the human body, but only found in foods such as plant sources or seafood. Omega-3’s are found in both, however, researchers have found that plant sources only partially convert these omega-3’s whereas seafood is known to be the best, and healthiest source.


So what exactly do healthy omega-3’s do for you?

*Live Longer- Researchers have found that participants with higher blood levels of fatty acids found in fish lived an average of two years longer than those with lower levels of omegs-3’s.

*Cut Your risk of Heart Attack- Several studies out of Harvard have discovered that eating fatty fish once or twice a week reduces a person’s risk of cardiovascular disease and of death by 17%. Omega-3’s help lower your blood pressure & improve your circulation.

*Protect Your Skin- Fish oils have been proven to ease the effects of aging skin and sun damage as well as regulating the oil production that hydrates skin.

*Improve Your Long Term Eyesight- By eating a diet rich in healthy Omega-3’s, researchers have found that it helps the development of nerve and growth in the retina, as well as reducing the symptoms of dry eye syndrome.

*Enhance Your Brainpower- Researchers at the University of Pittsburgh gave fish oils to a group of adults considered in their cognitive prime and then conducted tests over a period of time to find that their performance on tests continued to improve. Through these tests, researchers have found evidence that adults with a lack of omega-3 fatty acids can lower stores of neurotransmitters which is linked to working memory.

*Breathe Easier: Previous research has found that there is a link between consuming fish oil and fewer attacks of specific types of asthma, exercise-induced bronchitis in athletes as well as reducing the risks of asthma in children.

*Benefits with Baby’s Development- A diet rich in omega-3’s has been proven to help improve fertility as well as reducing the risk for developing diabetes in pregnant women. While pregnant, it is important to consume seafood as the omega-3’s help improve the development of a fetus’s brain and nervous system as well.

*Omega-3’s also helps build muscles and tissues, and may help relieve pains in joints, including inflammation caused by rheumatoid arthritis. Studies have also shown that fish oils may help relieve digestive symptoms, including ulcerative colitis and Chron’s Disease.


How can you incorporate more seafood into your diet?? Let us help!

1-      Eat a Variety - Include some fish that are higher in omega-3's and lower in mercury, such as salmon, trout, oysters, Mackerel, herring and sardines.  

2-      Lean & Flavorful- Try grilling, broiling, roasting or baking- they don't add extra fat. Avoid breading or frying seafood and creamy sauces, which add calories and fat. Using spices or herbs, such as dill, chili powder, paprika or cumin and lemons can add flavor without salt.

3-      Shellfish Count- Oysters, Mussels, Clams, and Squid all supply healthy omega-3's. Try mussels marinara, oyster stew, steamed clams or pasta w/ calamari.

4-      Keep It on Hand- Canned seafood (salmon, tuna, sardines) are quick and easy to use and in a variety of recipes.

5-      Cook it Safely- Check oysters, mussels and clams before cooking. After cooking, if they did not open, toss them away. Cook shrimp, lobster and scallops until they are opaque. Cook fish to 145F, until it flakes w/ a fork.

6-      Get Creative-Think beyond the fish fillet. Try salmon patties, a shrimp stir fry, grilled tacos or clams w/ whole wheat pasta. Plus, add a variety!

7-      Salad or Sandwich- Top a salad with grilled scallops, shrimp or crab in place of steak or chicken. Use canned tuna or salmon for sandwiches in place of deli meat.  

8-      Shop Smart- Eating more seafood does not have to be expensive. Tilapia, Sardines, Canned Tuna and some frozen seafood are usually lower cost options. Check for sales and specials!

9-      Grow up Healthy- Omega-3 fats from seafood can help improve nervous system development in infants and children. Serve seafood to children at least twice a week appropriate to their age and appetite. Plus, a variety of seafood low in mercury should also be a part of a healthy diet for women who are pregnant or breastfeeding.

10-   Know Your Portion -To get 8 oz. of seafood a week, use these as guide. A drained can of tuna is about 3-4 oz., a salmon fillet ranges from 4-6 oz. & 1 small trout is about 3 oz.

(Find additional information on seafood and the health benefits HERE on Choose My Plate.) 


Seafood is great for the whole family. USDA recommends seafood for all ages at least twice a week! “Twice a week, make seafood- fish and shellfish- the main protein food on your plate.” According to our sustainability partners, The National Fisheries Institute, “Seafood is a power house of food. It fuels our bodies with important vitamins and minerals that help keep us in the best possible health at all life stages; from birth to old age.” Let Euclid Fish help you better your health- whether it is supplying you with the freshest seafood in town, providing you with cooking tips and recipes, or helping you with product information/ knowledge- we are here for you.


Like we always say… Eat Fish, Live Longer!

The Euclid Fish Company