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Beautiful Riverence Trout Available at Euclid Fish!

January 10, 2020



Terrie: Good morning! It’s Terrie Young in the Euclid Fish Retail Market Kitchen. I’m here with Heather from Riverence Trout, a new supplier to Euclid Fish. Heather, tell us about this beautiful trout that we have in front of us.

Heather: We farm Steelhead Trout and Rainbow Trout in Idaho’s Magic Valley. You can see here our offerings are a ruby red, a ruby red filet, and a golden dressed fish. The golden is an exclusive new line. We’re really thankful to Euclid for all of our marketing efforts together. And we’re excited to see it around Cleveland.

Terrie: We’re so happy to have you here. Tell us about the James Beard Foundation you are also connected to.

Heather: Absolutely. We partner with the James Beard Foundation. They have a huge push for sustainable aquaculture. We are a proud supplier of steelhead trout for the James Beard House.

Terrie: Wholesale and retail will have these available. We’re going to have it all the time though. Thanks for coming and seeing us in the market. See you next time!

Learn more about Euclid Fish Company's partnership with the James Beard Foundation here.