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The fish you have accepted is the finest quality and must be kept that way until consumed. Immediately place in a low temperature storage area. 32° F is the ideal temperature to retard spoilage and retain freshness.

Download the PDF here.

Fresh Fish Care and Storage

  1. Retard spoilage by keeping fish in a 32°F room in ice. Do not let the fish come in direct contact with the ice. Lay the fillets out flat in a covered container and separate the layers with plastic wrap or the like.
  2. Do not store fish in water. Water will bleach out the color and nutrients from it. Spoilage is a certainty.
  3. Ice must be allowed to drain off. Make sure your fish pans have holes in the bottoms to allow for their drainage.
  4. Adhere to a strict rotation system (FIFO) to guard against spoilage and waste. Fresh fish and shell fish retain good quality for a limited time even with the best care.
  5. ICE down the fish everyday as needed. Important for overnight storage.
  6. Take only what you are going to cook into the hot kitchen during busy times. Do not allow fish to be in a hot area at all. A styrofoam box or cooler full of ice can keep the fish in hot kitchen cool or handy.
One person should be responsible for the care of the fresh fish.

Live Lobster Care

Live Lobsters should be kept in the cooler in the container they arrive in. Keep them covered. Do not store in water unless you have a live tank with a salt water environment.

Clam and Oyster Care

Clams and oysters in the shell should be alive when purchased. Gaping shells that will not close when handled are dead and should be discarded immediately. Store in a cool damp atmosphere at about 35°F. Do not store in ice or water as they will die. Properly refrigerated, they will stay alive for several days.

Mussels Care and Storage

  • Ice heavy and punch holes in the container to allow water to drain out

  • Do not over wrap with plastic. They must breathe.

Mussels naturally gape. When you see this, ice down and agitate. Gapers should close, if not discard.

Seafood-Handlers Thermometer

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