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Manhattan Clam Chowder, Seasonal


Our family has discussed long and hard about the changing times and felt that we needed to make changes away from our house made Chef Comellas Manhattan Chowder to a very similar recipe to accommodate our customers that may experience allergies as well as listing of full ingredients to include allergens and gluten. We did several tests and feel as if you will enjoy as much as you had over the past 76 years. Enjoy

110 Calories per serving (1 CUP)

Available in Quarts, 1/2 gallons Gallons

Our Refrigerated Fresh Pouched Soups, recommended method is to heat pouch or pouches in a water bath kept around 180-190F so that the product temperature reaches 165F. Our refrigerated soups are best not boiled and the estimated warm up time is 40 minutes. Or you may also open pouch and pour into stock pot, cover and medium heat and stir every 10 minutes or until soup reaches 165F. Do not Boil 40 minute warm up time.